There’s a Liquidity Crisis of Fucks

So, I’m at the gas station today and and this guy starts screaming at me. He says, “listen buddy, I don’t like the way you’r…” and I cut him off. I pull out my wallet, open it in front of him, and scream, “you see this fucks wallet? It’s empty buddy!!!”

Then, I logged in to my bank account online and showed him the zero balance in my fucks account.

I “spoke to the manager” but they wouldn’t loan me anymore fucks. The manager told me she was sorry but the bank has a minimum reserve of fucks, and the Federal Reserve of Fucks isn’t printing anymore.

This scared the people inline behind me at the bank, so even with FDIC insurance, there was a run on Fucks. Everyone started withdrawing all of the Fucks they had.

Even in this Fiat Fucks system, which isn’t backed by shit, there still aren’t enough Fucks in the system. They said something about national output, and GDP, and unemployment.

And now, there’s a Fucks liquidity crisis. Great! (in slow indignant voice)

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