Tidbits from The Book: Escape from Kathmandu

“Escape from Kathmandu” is a zany, satirical, semi-science fiction/adventure novel by Kim Stanley Robinson set in Kathmandu, Nepal and touches on the goings-on in Tibet. Robinson weaves together a series of interconnected short stories that follow the escapades of a group of characters navigating the chaotic and surreal landscape of Kathmandu. From yeti hunters to

A Socialist, an Anarcho-capitalist, a Nihilist and a Person Who’s Certain of Their Faith Walk into a Bar

The Socialist has had a bit to drink and starts talking about the errors of man, and how collective pursuit is the only way for us to stop all human suffering. The Anarcho-capitalist overhears him, cuts in and argues that this is all bullshit and that unrestricted pursuit of our own self interest is the

Why I’m Not Voting Third Party for President

Here we are in 2020 with another set of sub-optimal choices between two candidates for president. I don’t think it’s quite as bad as 2016, but neither are exciting. You could not convince me to go out and proactively campaign for either one of these candidates. Sigh. If you even kinda concur with my above

Drunk Driving is Less Dangerous than The Common Flu

I’m pissed and you should be too! Our government is taking our rights away and destroying our economy. Here are some facts!!! People hate facts: Fact:Drunk driving (or as the British call it, Drink Driving – they’re so crazy) kills substantially less people than the common flu. In 2018, the flu killed an estimated 61,099

Comparing the Covid-19 Response The Right Way

Background The right way to compare the Covid-19 response is by Metropolitan Statistical Area in the US, or a roughly equivalent methodology which most other countries use (Example: Germany uses Metropolitan Regions). These metro areas are the best unit of measurement when comparing a country’s response because of several reasons: A metro area represents a

Celebrating our Survival

Celebrating our Survival

I am not celebrating his death, I am celebrating our survival. I’m celebrating the ones that try. Survival is savagely satisfying. Each day is a blessing. Within each of us burns the desire to survive; given to us by our ancestors spanning 15-20K generations of hard work. Through cold, rainy, hungry days. Through dry, thirsty,

An Analysis of the Demographics of Opinions on Abortion

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of friends with wildly ranging opinions on Abortion. This made me curious about the statistics. Here are some observations that I found interesting about the numbers: More men in the United States are pro-choice than pro-life [1] 46% pro-life, 48% pro-choice All women over 30 years old are