The Tesla Meta-Political Party

The Tesla Meta-Political Party

I remember the first time I detected that all Republicans had daily and weekly talking points after watching Fox News. It seamed to have happened post-9/11, after 24 hour news became a major part of American’s lives. Republicans definitely innovated and discovered this move before Democrats. They had talking points on Iraq, on Healthcare, on Illegal Immigration. They all had the exact same positioning and messaging, and they seemed to all refresh their opinions at the same time. It was incredible temporal and spacial alignment!

Some people say that Tesla is a cult,but I actually think it’s more like a meta-political party. The websites like Teslarati are the Fox News of the movement and provide talking points each day. Their leader even uses Twitter just like Trump. Honestly, he makes lightning strike with it. It’s like Mussolini reincarnated, I can just imagine him saying “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” in a thick Italian accent . In fact, I’ve been guilty of calling Musk Trump for Smart People. I swore I was going to make t-shirts, and I had people willing to buy them. I’m still kicking myself for procrastinating.

Watch it for a while, try to argue with one of them. Test my theory and let me know if your data supports my thesis, or rejects it. But, only report back to me if you argue with one of them. I don’t want to hear from any Tesla fanbois! 😂

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