Adding a Pinlock Insert to an Arai XD-4 Helmet


Even in 2024, with the Arai XD-5 on the market, the XD-4 is respected as one of the top helmets for adventure riding.  It’s got better padding, it’s got better venting on the visor, many say it’s a bit higher quality, and it’s cheaper than the XD-5. There’s just one problem, it’s renowned for being a bit of a fog monster, especially if you have decent wind protection on your motorcycle. This led me down the rat-hole of figuring out how to put a Pinlock insert in. It is possible, and fairly trivial once you know what parts to use. I couldn’t find any specific information on the Internet, and I had to piece things together myself.  I originally posted this information on the  Adventure Riders OHIO Facebook group, but I wanted to make it more accessible, so I wrote this quick blog.


Here are the steps I took to get this working.:
  1. Get a Pinlock-ready visor. In the US, the Arai XD-4 does not come with a Pinlock-ready visor and they’re not easy to purchase in the US. I only found the correct visors in the UK, and Japan, and when I was working on this project, they were sold-out in the UK. You can select between tinted or clear, but make sure you get the visor that is Pinlock-ready and has the vent cut-outs at the top. I found that the Pinlock-ready visors for the TourCross-3 work, even though it’s tough to find information online. This is the specific visor that I ordered: ARAI TX pin lock blow shield Clear 031430 for Tour Cross 3, 2 & TX Motard
  2. Get a Pinlock insert for this specific helmet. You can select clear, or tinted, as well as Pinlock 70 or 120 (explained here), just make sure it’s got the visor vent cut outs. Here’s the exact one I ordered: ARAI TX XD-4 TOUR-X4 Tour Cross Pinlock Visor Shield Casque Clear 011081(1081).
  3. My particular Pinlock insert looked like it was manufactured just a hair off-spec, so I took a leather punch and opened up the slots about 1-2mm on each side, and it worked perfectly.

Here are some pictures of the visor, insert, and packaging. I hope it helps you!




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