Analyzing Maintenance of Internal Combustion Versus Electric Vehicles

Background There seems to be two main camps in this violent debate between Internal Combustion Vehicles (ICE) and Electric Vehicles (EVs) For convenience, we’ll refer to the first group as The Tesla Fanbois, and the second group as The Never EVs. I’m not in either camp. I’m just a regular dude, a long-time open source

Crisscross Apple Sauce: The Crash That Broke My Leg

Crisscross Apple Sauce: The Crash That Broke My Leg

I always say, “if you’re going to crash, at least have the god damned common courtesy to record it on GoPro so that the Internet can laugh at you” – so here we are! On a more serious note, the goal of this post is to do a detailed analysis to help others avoid the

Akron Urban Adventure Riding

Akron Urban Adventure Riding

Background I like strange stuff, and finding strange places to ride. This is a collection of weird terrain and places you can ride in Akron, OH. In particular, there’s a bunch of strange industrial land around Akron, but you have to find it. I like riding BMX, Dirt Jumpers, Mountain Bikes, Enduros, Adventure Bikes, and

Adding a Pinlock Insert to an Arai XD-4 Helmet

Why Even in 2024, with the Arai XD-5 on the market, the XD-4 is respected as one of the top helmets for adventure riding.  It’s got better padding, it’s got better venting on the visor, many say it’s a bit higher quality, and it’s cheaper than the XD-5. There’s just one problem, it’s renowned for

Tidbits from The Book: Escape from Kathmandu

“Escape from Kathmandu” is a zany, satirical, semi-science fiction/adventure novel by Kim Stanley Robinson set in Kathmandu, Nepal and touches on the goings-on in Tibet. Robinson weaves together a series of interconnected short stories that follow the escapades of a group of characters navigating the chaotic and surreal landscape of Kathmandu. From yeti hunters to

A Socialist, an Anarcho-capitalist, a Nihilist and a Person Who’s Certain of Their Faith Walk into a Bar

The Socialist has had a bit to drink and starts talking about the errors of man, and how collective pursuit is the only way for us to stop all human suffering. The Anarcho-capitalist overhears him, cuts in and argues that this is all bullshit and that unrestricted pursuit of our own self interest is the

True Story: How The Face Bite Was Invented

It was the early 1990s in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. A lazy suburb in North East Ohio made up of Cape Cod and Colonial homes. If you drove through this town, you would never know the darkness that lurked below the surface. The yards were well maintained, and people smiled at their neighbors. But, below the