The Plant and The Tiger

The Plant and The Tiger

Your body has two ways that it can move. Like a plant and like a tiger. Plants move slowly, over time, growing towards the Sun. Tigers move quickly, striking their prey.

Humans do both. We go into a calorie deficit to loose weight, we lift weights to stimulate muscle growth. We do Yoga to increase our flexibility. But, each of these changes is slow like a plant.

We also, run, jump, try new things, sing, and play music we already know. We enact these movements from instinct and muscle memory like a tiger.

These movements are inextricably connected. If you run a mile, 50 times, over six months, you will, over time, slowly get faster. Same with weights – you will get stronger. Same with diet – your body composition will change.

The fast actions influence the slow actions, and the slow actions affect the fast actions. Over and over and over until we grow towards the Sun, or we are eaten by the tiger….

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