He Is Eternally at The Office

He Is Eternally at The Office

My father never worked at an office. He wasn’t the type of guy to even have a home office. Hell, there were times when he didn’t even have a home, much less an office. Nonetheless, the cover on his burial niche says “at the office” on it.

This requires some explaining. My father, Don McCarty, as he lik d to refer to himself when he was angry, spent a lot of time drinking coffee at a local diner called Country Kitchen. I mean, a lot of time, like all night long, every night, for years. When I wanted to see him, I would just drive up there and hang out a while.

He wasn’t the only one. He had a slew of guys (and a few women) that he was friends with who were also there almost every night, and almost all night. Vick, Tom, and the crazy lady. He was also friends with the waitresses, and the police officer that was there on the weekends (Roger). The drag queens on Saturday night, the homeless people, the weirdos, the freaks. They were all there, especially on weekends.

My dad, my sister and I would refer to this gathering place as “the office.” Hey, are you going up to the office tonight? I didn’t see you at the office yesterday. Why wasn’t Vick at the office last night? This is how we talked about it. A crazy diner, in a rust belt town, called Akron, Ohio.

So, when my father passed away in 2009, we debated putting something normal on his plaque like “rest in peace” or “when we meet again” or “always in our hearts” but nope – my sister and I decided it had to be “at the office.”

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Enjoy Your Time at The Top of The Food Chain

Enjoy Your Time at The Top of The Food Chain

This morning, I was walking with a friend of mine after getting coffee. Suddenly, he stopped and was looking down at something. I stopped and leaned over to look. There was this nestling bird moving it’s wings and legs helplessly. We stood and looked for a second, debated what we might do, looked for a nest around, and couldn’t find one. We both had a sinking feeling, and decided to walk on. It took five or ten minutes to walk back to my car. The whole time, I couldn’t focus on what my friend was talking about. I was multi-tasking, searching Google to figure out if there’s anything that can be done. It just bothered me to do nothing. Once you are emotionally engaged with a problem, it’s hard to let go. The question is, was I failing to be Zen because I couldn’t accept, or did I feel guilty for not trying when I knew I could?

I read on the Audubon site that you should not help fledglings, but that you should build a nest for nestlings like this one. So, when I got to my car, I drove back to check on him. I had this half-hearted plan to try and help it somehow. By the time I got back, it was already dead. I felt a sense of relief. No more suffering – for the nestling or me.

Like Nihilist Arby’s says, enjoy your time at the top of the food chain #Nihilism #EatArbys


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Comparing the Covid-19 Response The Right Way

Comparing the Covid-19 Response The Right Way


The right way to compare the Covid-19 response is by Metropolitan Statistical Area in the US, or a roughly equivalent methodology which most other countries use (Example: Germany uses Metropolitan Regions). These metro areas are the best unit of measurement when comparing a country’s response because of several reasons:

  1. A metro area represents a unit of people that lives and works together
  2. The virus spreads through the interaction of people
  3. There is much less travel between metro areas right now
  4. The virus grows exponentially, so it will create hot spots mostly confined to these metro areas
So, as an example, let’s see how well the US is doing compared to Germany on April 10th, 2020 as I write this article. All all numbers are cited with links:


Berlin has a population of 3.7 million and about 165 Covid-19 deaths today, which makes it’s death rate approximately 1 in 22,424. Like Washington DC in the US, Berlin is both a city and one of Germany’s 16 Federal states. This makes it easy to find Covid-19 data, which makes it a good foreign metro area to compare the United States to.

United States


The Detroit Metro area has a population of 4.2 million which covers most of Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland Counties. There have been 2451 (910 Wayne + 698 Macomb + 843 Oakland) deaths, making the death rate approximately 1 in 1713. The death rate is literally 13X as high in Detroit as it is in Berlin.

New York City Metro

The New York Metro Area has an estimated population of 23.7 million. There have been 19,200 deaths, making the death rate approximately 1 in 1234. The death rate is 18X as high in New York City as it is in Berlin.


The Boston Metro Area has an estimated population of 8.3 million. There have been 4557 (Norfolk, MA 635, Plymouth. MA 384, Suffolk, MA 703, Essex, MA 625, Middlesex, MA 1169, Worcester, MA 420, Briston, MA 260, Hillsborough, NH 40, Rockingham NH 27, Stratford, NH 9, Providence, RI 285), making the death rate approximately 1 in 1821. The death rate is 12X as high in the Boston Metro Area as it is in Berlin.

New Orleans

The New Orleans area has a population of 1.3 million. There have been 2,213 deaths, making the death rate approximately 1 in 587. The death rate is 38X as high in New Orleans as it is in Berlin.


I’ll let you do the math for other Metro Areas in the US, but I think it’s pretty hard to say that the United States’ response has been a 10 out of a 10 compared to the rest of the world.
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Celebrating our Survival

Celebrating our Survival
I am not celebrating his death, I am celebrating our survival. I’m celebrating the ones that try. Survival is savagely satisfying. Each day is a blessing. Within each of us burns the desire to survive; given to us by our ancestors spanning 15-20K generations of hard work.
Through cold, rainy, hungry days. Through dry, thirsty, and sun burned days. Some weeks and months, suffering even more, through child birth, sickness, and broken bones.
For 330K years our ancestors slogged. Each and every one of us have this strength within us. Our family, our friends, our neighbors and even our enemies. The next time we have the luxury of being in a public place and glancing at thousands more of our kind, think about this. Celebrate this. We are all awesome. We are the best if the best, forged in suffering and the will to survive.
They fought their asses off to get my daughter and me here. I don’t take the responsibility lightly.
Placing human values on mother nature is peculiarly human. She does not have feelings. He decided that the game didn’t apply to him and he lost. I wish his descendants 20K more generations of success.
In a statement, his wife writes, “Johnny loved life and everyone he knew with his whole heart. We ask you to remember we are a family mourning an unbearable loss. Use this as a reminder to continue practicing social distancing and keep each other safe.”
We can debate about what ought to be, but stupidity *is* a death sentence. It always has been and always will be. It’s the natural order of things. Stay hungry, stay alert, stay safe.
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My Covid-19 Training Routine

Over the past 3-4 years, the core of my training has centered around barbells, typically with some sort of undulating or linear progressions like a 5×5 or Wendler 5/3/1. Given that the gym is out of the question, while we are on quarantine, combined with the fact that we are preparing for a new baby, I just can’t build a home gym with barbells right now. I have fallen back to a training program that focuses on Calisthenics and pulls from the GoRuck training I did in 2019.

  1. Workout A: Focus on upper body. Typically done on Monday. Most of 1-5 can be done outside on warm days.
    1. 24 minute run to warm up
    2. 3×10 push-ups
    3. 3×8 push-ups with 40 lbs backpack
    4. 3×20 flutter kicks holding 40 lbs pack
    5. 3×20 sit-ups
    6. 3×5 Australian pull-ups with Perfect Pull-up bar unlatched
    7. 3×5 regular pull-ups
  2. Workout B: Focus on lower body. Typically done on Wednesday:
    1. .45 miles with 40 lbs pack
    2. .45 miles with 40lbs pack and 10 lbs kettlebell in one hand (alternating)
    3. .45 miles with 40 lbs pack and 50 lbs Jerry Can full of water
    4. .45 miles with 40 lbs pack and 60 lbs sandbag
    5. TBD .45 miles with 40 lbs pack and 120 lbs sandbag
    6. 3×10 kettlebell swings with 25 lbs
    7. 3×10 kettlebell swings with 35 lbs
    8. 3×20 one handed kettlebell swings with 35lbs (10 per arm)
  3. Workout C: Focus on upper body. Typically done on Monday. Most of 1-5 can be done outside on warm days.
    1. 24 minute run
    2. 3×10 push-ups
    3. 3×8 push-ups with 40 lbs backpack on
    4. 3×20 flutter kicks holding 40 lbs pack
    5. 3×20 sit-ups
    6. 3×12 reverse rows with 25 lbs kettlebell
    7. 3×12 reverse rows with 35 lbs kettlebell

Some Shortcomings

  • I’m coming back from being sick for about 3 weeks of March 2020, probably had Covid-19 (will find out when antibody testing becomes available)
    • I want to work up to sets of 5 to increase volume
    • I want to increase weight linearly, will use pack weight
  • I want to add some jump rope back in
  • I am limited to 35 lbs kettlebells because that’s all I have. I really wish I had 45 lbs, 55 lbs, and 65 lbs kettlebells
  • I want to build back up to carrying the 120 lbs sandbag on leg day
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The Ludicrous, Ridiculous, Nonsensical and Derisory Words List

I am a founding member of the secret group known only as Caos. It is known to some, that I am also a Black Belt Master of Mayhem. This invests me with a total of 16 votes, by myself, enough votes to codify this even if one or two of you don’t like it.

That said, this is a good list, a really good list, with a lot of great input from a lot of fantastic people. Tremendous people. People who are leaders in their field. Seriously. At least three people private messaged me today to tell me so. Really accomplished people. Very accomplished.

This list of words is magical. If any three or more of these words are mixed together in a single paragraph, or within two minutes of contiguous vocal communication, you are rejected.

  • United Nations
  • International Monetary Fund or its acronym IMF
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Nazis
  • Deep State
  • New World Order
  • Federal Reserve
  • Lucifer or any other moniker referring to the Devil
  • Spirits
  • Homeopathy
  • Insulin Resistance
  • White Supremacist
  • Capitalist Cis Hetero-Patriarchy
  • Crisis Actor
  • Creationist
  • Wheat Belly
  • False Flag
  • Microaggression
  • Gluten Sensitive
  • 5g
  • Super Natural
  • Super Foods
  • Aliens
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Microbiome
  • Any diet name (examples include Keto, Carnivore, South Beach, etc)
  • Illuminati
  • Free Mason or Mason
  • Globalist
  • Disarm America
  • Dangerous Vaccines
  • Heavy Metals
  • More to be added as necessary
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